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Personnel training —
is an investment in business development

by 38%
The adaptation time for new managers is reduced.
by 92%
The cost of training per one employee is reduced compared to  offline tools and courses.
20 times
Faster to evaluate knowledge using tests in Jetlms than offline methods.
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All functions for modern online education

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We build a learning process on knowledge in psychology, EdTech, and HRM. Jetlms has various types of training materials and assignments: blitz reviews, videos, text and interactive simulators, and various tests. Combine materials into courses for a systematic and clear learning process for students.
To motivate and increase student engagement, Jetlms has developed a variety of activity mechanics. Competitions, certificates, discussions, webinars, prize shop, and others. All of them stimulate the user’s interest and activity and prevent the learning process from being boring.
Employees can learn from any devices with the Internet access, anywhere and anytime (the offline version will be available very soon). Jetlms works in all browsers, and materials can be stored on your servers or on Mlogic soft servers.
Depending on the client’s needs, business goals as well as to create complete solutions, Jetlms can integrate with external systems: HR and accounting systems, ERP systems, SMS and mailing services, e-catalogs, access control systems, and many others.
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We are constantly developing our platform and preparing many useful features for your business in the nearest future.

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and visual progress

We build our platform on gamification principles — interesting scenarios, competitions, levels, ratings, and awards.

Gamification is based on cognitive psychology, human needs and motivations. It maintains a student’s motivation and interest.

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SCORM files

SCORM is an international standard for creating electronic courses, it has a wide range of functions and it is used by many online learning specialists.

The administrator can easily add the SCORM file to the academy, and students can view it from any device and browser.

Adaptability and modularity — the best solution

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For different companies, markets and goals it is not possible to create an equally good system. However, it is possible to make a designer — a set of modules ideally adaptable to any business needs..
In JetLMS you can choose the modules you need, and if you need modules for specific tasks, we will develop them for you!

Additional services

Setting learning goals and strategy
Learning content development
Content strategy
Media content
Online activities
Analytical report preparation
Working with users
HR consulting

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